When you donate to the 1790 Fund, you support the restoration and maintenance of The Church of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Locust Grove Cemetery and the development of Heritage Preserve retreat center so that we can continue to offer special Masses, host retreats, and develop other spiritual experiences.

But your financial support does so much more!

You are restoring the sacred place where our forefathers of faith settled over 200 years ago so that a new generation can encounter the Lord in a peaceful and spiritual setting away from our busy, distracted lives.

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Using the Church’s vast tradition of sacred art, architecture, and design, Purification Heritage Center provides a place to seek an encounter with the Lord.


We believe that sacred art can be a path to encounter and fall in love with Jesus, His Church, and His teachings. The Lord is trying to impact our hearts, and one of the ways we help Him make an impact is through art that captures our attention, draws us in, and invites us to pause and sit in wonder and awe at the majesty before us.


You can help us create a sacred place to seek, find, and renew faith by supporting our Sacred Art Fund.

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We believe that in order for priests (or anyone else, for that matter) to give themselves to others, they must first be filled. Otherwise, we risk burning out, with no light for ourselves. Retreats are important. and our spiritual leaders need to make time for themselves to be recharged.

Your generous support of the Renew Fund makes it possible for priests to come on retreat at Purification Heritage Center free of financial burden. 

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