Purification Heritage Center is an hour and a half from Atlanta and an hour from Augusta and Athens, but a world away. Nestled in the rural landscape of Taliaferro County, the PHC retreat campus includes the historic Church of the Purification; Locust Grove Cemetery, the first Catholic cemetery in Georgia; and Heritage Preserve, 200 acres of forest and farmland that has been developed into fellowship and prayer spaces.

Each space provides a unique opportunity to seek, find, and renew faith through beauty, peace, and historical connection. 

Host your family, small group or bible study at Purification Heritage Center for a special day of retreat, reflection, and renewal. PHC staff and volunteers can help plan your program, which can include:

  •  A presentation on the history of the cradle of Catholicism in Georgia

  •  A bible study on the Gospel of St. Luke, Chapter 2, which highlights the Purification   of Mary and the Presentation of Jesus in the temple (the event for which the church   is named)

  • Meditations on the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary


  • A tour of Locust Grove Cemetery

  •  A walking pilgrimage from the Church of the Purification to Locust Grove Cemetery

Or bring your own program or ideas! 

Click the images below to learn more about our campus.