Purification Heritage Center is revitalizing a community of faith and restoring the first Catholic settlement in Georgia into an entire Historic Catholic District. We need your help to restore the soul by restoring the place.


We have a unique opportunity to restore and relocate an original structure across from the Church of the Purification to be repurposed as a Historic Welcome Center.


Plans include a reception area, a museum, and a restroom for visitors.

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The first phase of renovation will allow us to complete critical structural and site work for plumbing and a much-needed restroom.

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The first step will be moving the building to it's original location across the street from the Church of the Purification. 

Stay tuned for LIVE coverage of the move on social media!



We are piecing together the history of this building, which was part of the original Catholic District. 
It had many uses over the years, including being home to several Catholic families and a doctor's office.

In the mid-1950s, the house was used for the Ground Observer Corps, a civil defense program during the Cold War which consisted of over 700,000 volunteers all over the country. Teenagers would watch for planes from the windows of the small house and report anything suspicious to the regional headquarters in Columbia, SC. 

At some point, the house was moved a few miles to Upper Mill Road. The current owners of that property generously donated the building to PHC to be moved back to its original location.